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Soulja Boy called Quavo to let him know that he wants to fight him one-on-one. Quavo didn’t answer but Soulja Boy left him a voicemail him a message demanding for the rapper to answer his phone. Soulja Boy shared the conversation live on Periscope. After being fired from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Soulja Boy will do anything for attention.

 Soulja Boy was fired from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood for threatening his ex-girlfriend, Nia Riley with a gun on social media. The rapper’s team tried to clean up his mess by explaining that the gun was fake but VH1 decided to part ways with the rapper. Make sure you’re following Quavo’s social media accounts.

 Quavo’s Snapchat name is YrnMigosYrn:

Quavo Snapchat Name

Quavo Snapchat Name

Soulja Boy is being reckless, as usual. The rapper reminded his followers that he shot a person that broke into his house back in 2010. We guess he thinks the incident will intimidate Quavo. Hopefully Quavo will continue to ignore Soulja Boy. There’s some beef that just isn’t worth the headache.

In the tweet above, Soulja Boy explains that he gave Quavo his address yet Quavo never showed up. In life, it’s important to turn a deaf ear when needed.

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