The google search engine was important in gathering more knowledge on gaining more popularity on twitter, as it showed the most accurate and searched results, most looked at by viewers. This can also be a negative, as it shows the most viewed result, meaning that lots of Twitter users will have the same knowledge as you on how to gain twitter popularity, and thus all use similar techniques.

Pinterest was used to collate web pages in order to find relevant websites in one area. We created a pinterest board to collect our findings which was really useful as it allowed us to find a correlation of similar answers on how to become ‘twitter famous’, and find the best result. was a useful website to use as it gave brief points and an explanation to how the twitter follower techniques work. However it goes give generic answers which other websites use, so doesn’t have extremely valuable content on the site.

Article from Digital Trends; the title of the page gives the impression of having knowledge of how to gain popularity through analysing trends on social media. It gives large chunks of information which while it could be analytical, is dull to read.

Like4Like provided really useful information, information which other websites didn’t include. I found this website more useful than other sites due to pictures, tips and useful information towards twitter use.

Link to Pinterest; Twitter research board


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