@b2bsaaswriter started as a publication that seeks to cater to everything SaaS.

Regrettably, however, the focus of the blog, from this moment onward, has changed. (My apology to my followers and everyone else who had read my posts in the past.)

This publication (with the new handle @seopreneur) will now cater to the needs of SEO professionals who want to get their clients’ businesses to rank high in the SERPs and make them the $$$, and businesses owners and businesses too, so that they can generate positive Return On Investment (ROI) from their organic traffic.

The post you’ll find on this handle will, for the most part, be freshly written contents. Occasionally, you may find repurposed or syndicated contents (mostly my guest posts on other publications but with links to the original contents).

So, if the topic of SEO as a Business, for Businesses interests you, just find and tap the “follow” button.




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