Coworking venues, business centres and shared workspaces are beginning their dance around a new tune. Fortunately, this new melody is being drummed by the modern, logical and price conscious coworking community.

The traditional pricing models covered by us in coworking-101 are still followed by a majority of the coworking joints. However, in our zeal to stay abreast of the latest trends in the coworking arena, we stumbled across many innovative and exciting pricing flavors in the effervescent and diverse streets of India. A country that takes the lead in providing customized solutions to its versatile population.

1. Pay for ‘chilling out’: Ever thought of the relation between your body’s thermostat to the size of the hole that you burn in your pocket? Well, you’ll be surprised that coworking hubs like TRIOS, Pune offer a fantastic 24*7 coworking setup with a price difference between its air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned areas. If Pune’s mild climate agrees with you as it does with the local folks, save that extra money for that extra drink. Else, go ahead and splurge on the luxury and comfort of working in an air-conditioned space. The best part is, you can make your decision based on the time of the year. Nov-Dec — save for that fantastic New Year Party: April-Aug — Invest in comfort. In either case, don’t forget to thank for the sensible advice, though.

2. Custom Fit pricing: — Want to answer your calls and e-mails, sprawled out in a relaxed manner on a comfy recliner? Head to Solo Cubes, Bangalore which offers relaxed recliners at a premium price. Shell out a little extra to earn thanks from your backbone and envious glares from your fellow coworkers. And if you are serious about meeting your deadline in time, the humble, and straight-backed chair is still at your service at this amazing KoSpace. We can see you daydreaming about popcorn and coke. Hold your horses, we are still talking about work.

3. Unbundled Pricing: — You need the meeting room, but not the projector or the HD screen. Why pay for an irrelevant item? Work Square, Mumbai offers flexible pricing options for their state of the art meeting room depending upon resource utilisation. It’s a fresh and fantastic example of unbundling a package and pricing it as per the customer demands. Time to carefully monitor that requisition slip!

4. Club Membership model: — If you are a creature of habit, a loyalist, and are mostly stationed at a single geographical location, this pricing model suits you to a T. Wired, Hub, Jaipur offers a membership-based package to its frequent coworkers besides the standard options. Enrolling as a member entitles you to privileges like discounted access to the boardroom, extended hours in meeting rooms and priority access to mentors and networking events. Many coworking joints are following suit and incorporating packages which allow extended use of meeting rooms at comparatively cheaper rates. Those with a gift of the gab are smiling, but have a heart, less money does not translate into an increased attention span.

5. Nocturnal Pricing: — Your work or habit may demand you and your team to transform into night owls. Rejoice! many coworking spaces in India offer exclusive, night-time, monthly prices of $60/$67(Rs.4000 and Rs.4500 respectively) to those who prefer burning the midnight oil. Hopefully, other KoSpaces will take the hint and integrate traffic-based pricing models to accommodate the varied schedules of their customers in an optimal manner. So, go ahead and insist on that graveyard shift!

Our research lead us to conclude that KoSpace pricing is witnessing a paradigm shift as it slowly moves towards a Pay As You Use aka ‘P.A.Y.U’ model. With the dream of providing our readers with economical, practical and useful solutions for their coworking needs, we hope that you will stay hooked to the subsequent articles in our blog.


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