Flights, Devices, and Cars too!

Oh, hi there!
You thought we forgot you?

Thirteen glorious weeks and we have kickass news to share. Use REΛCH to save for rent, appliances, flights and cars. Get unbeatable deals from,, and vetted car dealers. Save up to 10% simply because you’ve been saving with REΛCH.
Yeah, we’re dancing here too!

Your face when you heard that REΛCH and struck a deal last week to reduce your flight costs by as much as 10%

I know right?….we never “hesperredit”

And you’re like, “Let me kuku go and start my own savings plan.”

Yup. Let’s get right on that…

When you find out your friends are still paying full price

If you’ve been doing us shakara, it’s time to start saving. Only savers can access these discounts. Don’t be like

We have more deals in the pipeline: for your appliances, for your cars — stay tuned in the coming weeks

If you’re wondering whether or not you can get a deal on your dream item, just holler at us [email protected] never know what other surprises we have in store.

That’s all for now!
 From Kudi, JR, Victoria, Funke, Pila, Chidu, Samuel, Ehis and Jubril i.e. all of us at REΛCH!


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