We created Make the link to penetrate the «consumer relationship market» with one sole objective : provide a cool solution to collect, connect & engage with fans. The data analysis the SIMPLEST way !


Internet is a goldmine, it is featuring all the TV channels, all the books from all the libraries and all the music from UGC level to highly qualitative and most recommended premium “content”. We live in a thriving international marketplace where content can be accessed with a few keystrokes (Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Store). We know from a recent study that the top 100 brands post a video content every 18,5 minutes. Various business models are out there : ad-supported / transactional and data-based via a social gate.

Having said this, great content can ‘go-viral’ with no-one’s permission so the winners will have the answer to these questions : Who’s in ? Who likes ? Who shares ? Who buys ? Where ? Why ? There’s a revolution going on and data is the new oil of our lives !


Our mission is to bring closer content producers and fans together. A “social login” to unlock a premium exclusive content, most of the digital connected population do that everyday. If I want to watch a new MUSIC video of my favorite artist for free, I’m ready for anything ! Music is the most watched content of any video platform. In 14 months we have accumulated more than 100 000 qualified contacts on behalf of our clients. And this is the craziest data set we’ve ever seen ! Just perfect when you’re building a direct & personnalized relationship platform. As per a recent Adobe study commented by Havard business review, with $200 billion in annual buying power by 2017, Millennials have become every brand’s coveted customer. But what’s the best way to reach them? The answer is email. Email remains the standard for digital communication. In fact, Millennials check email more than any other age group…


As every startup releasing a platform, you need fundraising, Business Development & a quick growth. We’ve been lucky from day 1, to be taking care of our people, clients, product and profits. As the clock is ticking, we have felt a lot of euphoria right from the start thanks to our clients. We should move up in 2016 as our business is growing strongly given the fact that content marketing is a 26,5 billion $ market.


For the past several years we have encapsulated the social media use-cases as well as all the digital marketing campaigns and branded content operations in the entertainment business field. Consequently, there’s a lot to do to simplify the “relationship” fans / artists via premium entertainment content. Make The Link offers a social dashboard for CMO’s to optimize marketing investments by knowing their consumers, being able to better personalize all the direct communication.

CRM is everywhere, expanding in every business field. Unfortunately, the big software players have created highly complex and too robust tools so there’s a vast opportunity for Make The Link to service a dedicated platform for music labels, movie studios, publishing companies, brands & agencies. In other words any player producing video, audio content, delivering it to a group of fans.


In 14 months we have built a solid product serving a dozen of clients (among them Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group). We also secured a first round of friends and family capital investment. In the meantime, we have developed Make the Link the platform enabling any content creator to start his fans database (Q1).

Our objectives are clear and loud :

  1. We will push strongly to the international markets since the growing demand. We’re Paris-based, starting our first packages for international clients. Europe 1st (UK, Germany) US, Asia to follow.
  2. Develop and maintain the best platform. We can only deliver a top notch product for our customers.
  3. Raise funds to accelerate 1. & 2. and hire stellar employees.

We’ll break the market with a “state of the art” product, painless and easy for customers , including key services (data analysis / direct communications / social targeted advertising …)

What’s next : we don’t know the future yet but we’ll try to target unknown customers, offer ads on social networks and a predictive tool to recruit more fans.


Jérémy is 34, CEO | Founder. He loves the product.

Tuan is 31, CTO | Full Stack Developer

Geoffrey, 34, looks after finance and legal with the help of our lawyer Pierre-Louis.

Judith, 34, she’s the designer.

Guillaume, 39 is our business strategist and advisor. He loves traveling around the world.

If you want to meet us or contact us: hello@makethelink.fm to schedule a meeting or a call !

Made with ♥︎ in Paris.