Rework gives insight on how to improve your business, team, relationships, productivity, and work environment — and I highly recommend it. As a business owner, I feel that I can easily apply Jason and David’s perspectives to my company and where I want to fit in my market.

After reading this book, I know how to build better products, eliminate unnecessary tasks, save time, work with the right people, and I have a clearer vision of a business processes.

Here are my seven take aways:

  1. Find a faster way to get things done.
  2. Make something that you personally want to use.
  3. Focus on doing one thing right, not five things right.
  4. Problems can be solved with simple, mundane solutions.
  5. Meetings are toxic. If a meeting is obligatory (which they can be), end with a solution and make someone responsible for implementing it.
  6. Launch now. Stop imagining what’s going to work. Find out for real.
  7. Do the job you’re hiring for. Then you know what works and what to expect from your employee. You’ll know what a good job looks like and you’ll be a better manager.



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