sajfd-hfafbjhd phrase first came into existence on Jan 24th when it was formulated by Dr. James Caverlee (professor at Texas A&M University and an alumni of Stanford University and Georgia Tech University) for SEO competition for his Information Retrieval class students.

The contest guidelines goes like this. The goal is to put on our “search engine optimization” hat. The ultimate aim is to create a web page that scores highest for the query: sajfd-hfafbjhd — two terms, lower case, no quote. As of today (Jan 24, 2019), there are no hits for this query on either Google or Bing. Based on our discussions of search engine ranking algorithms, we know that several factors may impact a page’s rank. Our goal is to use this knowledge to promote our own page to the top of the Google or Bing search list.

What we’re doing here is a form of SEO contest. While we have great latitude in how we approach this problem, we are not allowed to engage in any unethical or illegal behavior. Please read the discussion of “white hat” versus “black hat” SEO over at Wikipedia.

Rules of the — “sajfd hfafbjhd” SEO contest are:

1. Somewhere in the page (possibly in the non-viewable source html) we must include our name or some other way for us to identify you.
Your target page may only be a TAMU student page, a page on your own web server, a page on a standard blog platform (e.g., WordPress), or some other primarily user-controlled page.
2. Your target page CAN NOT be a twitter account, a facebook page, a Yahoo Answers or similar page.
3. No Wikipedia vandalism.
4. No yahoo or wiki answers questions.
5. No comment spamming of blogs.
6. If you have concerns/questions/clarifications, please post on Piazza and we will discuss there.

Other top resources for knowing more on the topic of ”sajfd hfafbjhd” are:

  • The top search result page is this. It gives a really nice UI to talk about the topic ”sajfd-hfafbjhd”.
  • On second again comes a page created as TAMU student page. This clearly shows that the reputation of the domain helps a lot.
  • Following on the same note we have another tamu people’s page throwing more light on this new search query ”sajfd-hfafbjhd”.
  • Then we can also find couple of useful information and summarized notes about this topic on famous blogging website medium.
  • There is another github repository explaining more on this.
  • We also got a couple of youtube videos showing some visualization on this information retrieval task.



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