CRM software solutions are the smart business management tools that can enhance your customer service and automate your work processes to ensure better customer retention, which is an essentiality to withstand the market pressure. Besides its ability to help you provide a top-notch customer care, CRM software solution provides you with an agility to cover up all your quintessential process beforehand.

Here are few features of CRM, which can save turnaround time and improve your productivity.

  • Preparing Email Templates.
    As an organization, notifying and keeping your customer updated with required information as and when required can help you build a great customer relation. Furthermore, sending an email after every follow up call or meetings to your customers can help you win over customer’s trust. For which, CRM can play an important role in greatly reducing your efforts as you can prepare easy to send E-mail templates in CRM and use them as and when needed.
  • Automate Mass Email Campaigns.
    Designing personalized emails for every lead you encounter can be hectic and time consuming. However, with Sage CRM and Mail Chimp integration, you can design and save personalized email templates that can be send as a campaign to all your recipients in one go. For instance, suppose marketing department generated 20 leads by participating in trade show, for which, you can simply create a campaign and connect to the leads in a single click (without losing any personal touch)
  • Add/Sync Outlook Calendar
    now coming down to your sales team, keeping your calendar up-to date and sync with CRM can be handy and save you your precious time. Using Outlook integration, CRM software solution allows you to add/sync all your contacts, appointments, emails from Outlook. Integrating your CRM tools can help you manage all your mails and appointments on a single platform, while CRM tool keep your sales team notified with all the upcoming events and deadlines.
  • Pipeline
    if you are tracking a lead or managing an opportunity then CRM Pipeline can help you to understand the weightage of the same as per the day-to-day activities. Instead of going through status of each of the opportunity one can simply rely at the accuracy of the pipeline to know the same. This pipeline can also be used to plan your marketing campaigns and forecast sales.
  • Save your searches:
    The available data of CRM can be filtered by user with different combinations or by setting up criteria’s. To add more to it, these search criteria can be saved for future filtration of data in CRM, which reduce the efforts of a user.

Thus, advanced CRM solutions such as Sage CRM services can not only help you build a long-term healthy relation with your customer but also pace up your marketing and sales team seamlessly. To know more about the efficiency and agility of Sage CRM software, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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