A lot of scholars are evaluating information on social media. One of the benefits of social media is that it allows information to be shared quicker than any other form of communication but the problem is that the information is not always reliable. IFL science specializes in bringing the funny side of science to people. Many reasons why people feel science to be boring is because scientific articles are typically complex and hard to access. IFL allows its readers to be updated with the latest scientific studies in a way that is easily acessible. IFL does a great job of displaying scientific information in a humerous manner while still being a valid source of information. Authority of IFL is based on the number of previous articles you’ve posted and how many views and shares you have. Contributions are ranked by how many views and shares an article recieves. The community does a great job of attracting viewers due to its focus on the funny side of science. Humor attracts individuals from all different backgrounds.


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