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Sean Van Der Wilt is a singer and songwriter who began dating Trisha Paytas in 2015. Trisha is an actress and model with over 2 million YouTube subscribers. Prior to finding fame on YouTube, she worked as a lingerie model and she was a dancer. Trisha and Sean have been dating for about a year, but they recently broke up.


Is Sean Van Der Wilt Gay?

According to Trisha, Sean is gay. Trisha is seen crying in one of her most recent YouTube videos. Trisha explains that Sean cheated on her and she has proof. She says that she received Snapchat messages from a user she didn’t know. Make sure you’re following the couple’s social media accounts.

 Sean Van Der Wilt Snapchat Name is SeanVMusic:

Sean Van Der Wilt Snapchat Name

Sean Van Der Wilt Snapchat Name 
 When Trisha opened the Snapchat messages, she was shocked to see Sean dancing with another woman at a gay club. Trisha says that she then attempted to call Sean, but he ignored her calls.

 In the very emotional video below, Trisha explains that she went on a Snapchat rant and then deleted her Snaps. She went on the Snapchat rant after Sean screened multiple calls from her. She then explains that an individual who runs the Drama Channel revealed that he was sent Snaps from a random girl regarding Sean’s whereabouts:

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