Firstly let’s go over what Search Engine Optimization is and why you need powerful Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also simply known as SEO is the means of increasing the number of visitors to your website. The goal of an SEO campaign is to ensure your website ranks higher on search results.

Why do I need strong Search Engine Optimization

There are many reasons to have an effective SEO campaign. Ever heard the saying “Location, Location, Location” for real estate? The internet is its own real estate market. The higher you rank on search results the better real estate you have for your website. By having prime SEO real estate you surpass your competition and generate a higher amount of traffic to your business.

A Little History

In the early 90’s during the rise of the internet savvy businesses and entrepreneurs began marketing online. It was the beginning of the digital age. Many attained massive success through capitalizing on the internet. On the other hand many have failed miserably.

From 1995–2001 the enterprise realm experienced what is known as the dot-com bubble. This historic moment defined the businesses and entrepreneurs of the period. It was make it or break it time. If you did not take advantage of the internet you risk your competitors overpowering you. Although if you didn’t do it right you risk the same. Many successful businesses today are thanks to the dot-com bubble. Godaddy, Amazon, Ebay are among the biggest companies that survived the bubble.

Nonetheless countless websites could not keep up with the market. Many had to sell or file for bankruptcies.

History Repeats Itself

Close to 50% of businesses in the U.S. today still do not have a website and approximately 40% of websites today are in dire need of improvement. Many small businesses owners are aware that they need to boost their search engine optimization, social engagement, content, and design.

We’re more than 10 years from the dot-com bubble yet we’re still witnessing an abundance of website flops and busts.

Why Your Website Is Failing

Many entrepreneurs and businesses that have websites currently are sold in purchasing the “easy web builders”. Easy come, easy go. The first mistake is falling for the trap of using an easy web builder that has “powerful SEO capabilities”. Wake up entrepreneurs it’s a big fat lie. Using these builders you have a very limited toolkit for SEO. There are certain techniques involved in an effective SEO campaign.

Another component of a failing website is building your website to be pretty instead of practical. Search engines don’t care how your website looks. They’re built to read how your website is built and how your content is designed.

How To Improve Your Websites Search Engine Optimization

There are numerous elements in having an effective SEO friendly website. For starters, as pointed out, your website has to be content friendly and built on a platform that gives you more control. The best platform on the marketing is WordPress. It takes time to learn but if your goal is to create a powerful web presence then it’s well worth it.

The work doesn’t end with designing a website. You need to be active on your website. By combining social media marketing and content marketing you can increase the traffic to your website. The trick is connecting all these strategies together.

We barely broke into specifics in this article because of the amount of details involved in having your search engine optimization to be effective. For those willing to learn in more depth we highly recommend SEO For Dummies. You’ll get a more extensive breakdown of what to do, what not to do, and how to do it.

You can also connect with us and receive consulting on how to build your search engine optimized website or have us build it for you!

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