One thing that I have been learning is self control. The ability to resist your, or rather my innate and natural urges. Some of the most important lessons in life, my mother once told me was self mastery. Mastering your inner self. This defines our internal will power. How do we resist that urge to have a piece of chicken when on diet, or how to go to the gym even when your body is erupting with excuses not to go today, how to say no to checking your Facebook feed during a study session or saying no to a drink when trying to achieve sobriety. All these form aspects of self control and the list can grow into a ten thousand word essay. Easily.

In the book that contains all life hacks (the Bible), in the book of Titus (the second chapter to be precise), is a guide to how people with self control should behave from the young to the old. A major theme throughout the book in general is self control and how, despite all the urges and habits that we have developed over time, we are called to be more than just slaves to our bodies and selfish interests.

Self control embodies what it means to be truly Christian and to be selfless. Through self control and self mastery we are able to achieve what we set our minds to. And that is the most important thing for us so that we have something to show for our lives; not only through what we’ve done but through how live.



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