Whenever someone says SEO everybody’s mind drifts to Google, but if you want complete presence on web, you should probably consider Bing SEO as well. Google SEO is industries standard and if you do it right you will be on a similar position on other search engines as well.

Bing`s demographics

Study by Microsoft showed that certain people have more tendencies to search on Bing. Typical users are older people between 55–64. Most of them on pc but it is important to know that Bing is default engine on Kindle and Apple`s Siri. It is also notable that 33% of Bing users have household yearly income od 100.000 USD.

So if you have something to show to the people that fit into these categories it is wise to consider Bing as a place where they can find you.

However there are some differences between the two.


Keywords on google are rated high but they aren’t the main thing google is focused on. Writing keywords on and on won’t make much of a difference on your positioning on Google. Days of just throwing them on your site without any connection and expecting good results are way over. Google is always trying to figure out the context of those keywords and rate pages by it. Searchers intent that is based on previous actions is also considered. Which is why if you have unconnected searches they can be a bit misleading. On the other hand Bing still loves keywords. Throwing them into your meta or H1 and H2 will result in better rank. Broad keywords are also something you need to incorporate into your text if you are focusing on Bing.


Google and Bing both value links to your page.

PageRank is core of Google search engine algorithm. It was created by the same guys that founded Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It ranks web sites depending on backlinks and their quality. Bing has similar algorithms but some link values, like .gov or .org are more trusted by Bing and they can help sites to have more presence



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