Firstly, whenever I’m doing a website review, I look for errors and potential problems with a website.

So for this, I use a tool called Screaming Frog, what this will tell me is if there are any error codes coming from the pages, it will also give me a breakdown of all the meta information so we can look for improvements to be made.

When you put your website information in you will be presented with this:

Screaming Frog

Taking a look at this, we can establish that all of the pages that we want the customers to be able to get onto they can. To keep this website review interesting and too the point, I shall only be including important information and images(The client will get the full version).

Below we can see the meta title information, and also how we can start plotting improvements.

Our page titles need a lot of work

Whilst we don’t have any keywords yet, we can still see there isn’t much in terms of keyword optimized titles. However, we haven’t selected any keywords yet so we aren’t ready just yet to start optimizing things.

Next, we want to look at the ways in which we can improve the power of the domain, without getting to link building just yet. There aren’t too many ways of doing this, however, we want to ensure any site we’re building in the future has HTTPS, which in this case, we do. All good.

Time to get into it, whilst most of my clients come with keywords already in mind, this one, in particular, didn’t. So where do we start?

Keyword Research

So what is this website about? Shapewear. Keyword research doesn’t have to be overly complicated, there are rules which I like to abide by, but overall it isn’t overly difficult. It becomes difficult when you’re targeting such broad/ massive keywords that actually ranking for these terms requires a considerable budget/ a very long time frame.

So to start, we keep it simple.

This is merely a snapshot of the potential keywords that could be targeted for this website, of course, the client gets the full list, however, I will not post it here.

How do we now go about targeting these keywords?

This is the point where I would contact the client to ask them to pick 10 that they feel best to represent their brand and product. I will give an example below of how to target these and how we should go about building a business from this list.

A lot of the keywords are targetable for the homepage, I will, however, send this in the full report available for the client, for the example we are going to be planning one new page for the website.

Keyword 1: “shapewear for muffin top”
Related keywords: “best waist cincher, best shapewear for back fat, low back shapewear”

New URL:


There are many ways in which we can create a page to target these keywords, for this example I’m going to recommend that my client builds a guide that helps women deal with their “muffin tops”, of course, they will recommend their products in the meantime, but not just that they will help them on how to wear the shapewear and any other tips and tricks they can do to deal with them.

It will help us, in the long run, get natural links, people don’t tend to link to products (they do, but it’s just harder). If we can create a useful guide that helps women to deal with this problem they’re facing, with our products and other advice than we’re more useful to viewers and more likely to generate natural links.

But what keyword density percentage should we use? Forget that, don’t worry about that for now, before we post content we will check the density to make sure we’re not over-optimizing it and check that we are targeting our secondary keywords at the same time.

What title should we use? There are so many ways to get our keywords in there without keyword stuffing. We also want to make sure we are optimizing the title to get people onto the website, not just for Google.


Learn How To Deal With Your Muffin Top With EspoirWear

The Best Shapewear For Your Muffin Top — EspoirWear

You can see the potential now when you consider a number of keywords we found and that is off of one single search, on one single keyword. There is a lot of work to be done to get this website to where it could potentially be, however, there is absolutely a lot of potential traffic.

How are we going to tackle the off-page SEO?

There are many different avenues we can go down to build backlinks, however, due to the industry this website is in there is a perfect way in which we can build traffic at the same time. The internet is full of women bloggers who talk about fitness, lifestyle, and fashion.

These are the people that we will target, we may have to give up some merchandise in exchange for a mention on their blogs, but if we choose the right blogs that it will absolutely be worth it.

I will recommend my client starts approaching popular bloggers in their industry to start a relationship, there is a great guide on approaching websites for links here.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about a website review that I did recently, admittedly a lot has been cut out for public posting.

If this is something you’d like done for yourself, you can book a website review here. We complete all sites within 48 hours of submission, regardless if it’s the weekend or not.



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