Great LakesFence is an Ohio Fence Company. Specializing in Aluminum Fence and Vinyl Fence, they are part of a number of clients we have who are dealers for Active Yards.

Primary Keywords

The primary keywords that we are targeting for this particular campaign are:

  • Northeast Ohio Fence Company
  • Northeast Ohio Aluminum Fence Company
  • Northeast Ohio Vinyl Fence Company

Structure of the Website

The website is a fairly typical website with pages broken up into topics. We are building out the site and beefing up the pages to be richer in content. Here is the current structure of the website:

SEO Profiles and Reports

We set-up a number of profiles and “reports” to build backlinks from high-authority web services. The key is that each of these services must provide a link (a backlink) to the website as part of the report. It takes a bit of time to set all of these profiles/reports up … but these sites tend to have relatively high domain authority. Here are the profiles we set-up for this campaign:

We are still gathering this information

Links / Link Boards & Articles

We have set-up a number of links boards and articles which drive backlinks to this campaign in a variety of ways. We are linking a few of them here just so you can see how this all works out and how to use it:
This is a board within our profile that is dedicated specifically to build backlinks for this campaign. As you can see, these are DEEP LINKS so we can make as many of these as we want.


This is an actual working project. As such, we will be adding new links to this report as time goes by. Check back often to see the latest updates to this SEO campaign. See our entire collection of SEO Campaigns here so you can review all of them.



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