Sales Psychology: why it’s better to be rejected than ignored.

When it comes to sales, I’ve always had a huge problem with “certain” techniques used by marketers. I admit that one of my biggest shortcomings is simply not going for it when it comes to sales.

I love many aspects of marketing, but the fear of rejection has stopped me numerous times from taking advantages of huge opportunities that were right in front of me. 
 After reading this article, I’ve realized that the fear of being perceived as a manipulator has basically impeded me from growing as a marketer. One does not have to resort to unethical tactics in order to succeed.

We also don’t have to give up as quickly either. I really encourage you to read this article on sales psychology. I think it will be as insightful to you as it was for me and it might open your mind to creative new ways to grow your business without feeling like you’re a nuisance to potential prospects. 
 Blessings Always,
 Eren Mckay



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