Entrepreneurship is fun and adventurous, full of zeal and activities. But somewhere down the lane you lose yourself and develop traits, which are not good for health or people around you, we get so much occupied with the work, that we dont tend to look beyond it , our inception comes within the art of building the product from the scarp. we tend to build things which are broken and keep hustling for it all day long and few nights, we follow our vission and keep working towards, at times we tend to forget our loved ones, we chase time faster and faster always, leaving no stone unturned here are some effects of entrepreneurship.

  1. ) Mental clock: i have developed an mental clock within ourselves, i remember to work accordingly to the deadline, soon major tasks in my work culture developed mental clock. these deadlines followed me in personal activities, some of them where cutting nails, shaving and servicing of bike. to do any thing my mind developed an mental clock, it tracks all activity and commands myself to do it on time when needed urgently, if not done it develops an feeling of irritation. hence my mind works on deadlines, you have to do it anyhow their is no way out.
  2. ) One time Diet: being an entrepreneur i have developed myself to live in frugal lifestyle, frugal means really frugal. i only eat one breakfast in morning and one dinner at night, no more food consumed in middle or no more coffee or chai consumed in middle, survival only on water between both the periods. this allows me to focus all my efforts on my work and work on the core business activities, my body have noticed weight fluctuations, they happen when i do not eat at times, this allows me to balance myself . i have strict budget that i follow on my diet, i spend only 40 rupees a day for a month, this allows me to cut all my personal expenses and put more money on the product. no healthy lifestyle needed just a simple diet and power to the product.
  3. ) 5 hours of sleep: i have developed a sense of urgency which allows me to sleep only 5 hours a day, no matter how much cold it is or how much rain is it, my mental alarm wakes me up when 5 hours of sleep is done, this is because my unconscious mind reminds me of future outcomes if that delivered on time or things dont work out on time. waking up early allows me to come to work early and preparing myself better for the day and on weekends i prepare myself for the whole week, planning early morning gives me upper hand to dabble with tasks and prioritize on important ones.
  4. No time for loved ones: people who are close to you like friends, relatives, cousins, girlfriends will ask for your time, but I have strongly observed whenever i be with them i go absent minded, these traits are comman because my mind things of tasks, important meetings, product and work. they happen each and everytime . they makes them feel that you have changed or you have no importance for them in your life, or you got high prestige. but the reality is your mind is working but your body is constant.
  5. Availability : Giving time for loved ones because another challenge, you only remember things which are very important to you , that does not mean you dont have work life balance, but there is no such thing as work life balance when you are fighting for something bigger, you want a bigger pie (Market share) and you do not want to settle anything lesser than that. hence time becomes an another challenge, you would have wished to become superhero one person at all times when needed, well physically its not possible, hence they end up adjusting to you.
  6. over night work hours: we as a team end up working over night at times, when there is an important delivery happening over time since Highways are shut during day time, we have to keep the engine running since the stake of making things are done are much higher at times, I personally developed gunny bags under my eyes for several months , sometimes ended up looking like draculla, but with regret i enjoy long work hours, like to test my potential at its best and challenge myself at times.
  7. No vacations only work-cations: trust me even you go on a vacation you not would enjoy it, real reason being your vacation turns to be work-cations, I tried keeping my phone and laptop away when on vacations, but ended up taking my friends phone and accessing emails and calls. you can surely take short vacations, but long vacations arent made for you when you startup is taking baby steps, since you are pretty much happy in what you are doing, hence working makes you much more happier.
  8. Obsession of checking emails every minute: i have developed an crazy obsession of checking emails every single minute. and following up with previous mails, this lends to constant attention of using cell phones while some one is talking with me, creates not so good impact on people who are with you, hence distraction leads to misconceptions in communications and build an character of not so passive listener.
  9. Risk Taker: being an entrepreneur is very difficult, at times when things dont work as you want to do, when risk is very much higher you tend to take much more higher risk. at times you play all in , and at times you play blind simply by trusting your heart and mind. i have sold PS2, samsung phone, Go pro at nominal prices just to keep my company floating. you need to push yourself harder and better each time,

well these side effects are directly or indirectly effected to you and your people around. but being an entrepreneur is like a roller coast ride, you go all the way from zero to one and back to zero. there is no better feeling than working with your team, enjoying the journey with them is best possible outcomes ever, at the end of the day when your product generates early traction’s, brings smile on your face. the impact you create on society and people around is tremendous.


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