Question: Can I make a living as a full time blogger?

The answer is absolutely yes and here’s why. Search engines quietly scour the web for lots and lots of content. This content can be in the form of articles, blog posts, PDF files, documents, content on social networking sites, press releases, websites, etc. Every time you write and publish a new blog and make it available for the general public to see, search engines are quietly notified and index your content in search engine results pages. this is how you build traffic to your blog and over the course of time, put yourself in a position to achieve potential side hustle millionaire status using a form of making money for your blog known as affiliate marketing.

The key to becoming a full-time blogger is creating evergreen content. Evergreen content is considered as how to blogs, list posts, recipes for your own food, how to increase blog traffic and affiliate revenue potential, etc. You get the idea now? In addition, evergreen content is considered content in excess of 1500 words or more. If you publish evergreen content at least 5 days out of the week for 2 to 3 years consistently, you put yourself in the position to be a full-time blogger and to quit your day job for the rest of your life and live off of your blog. However, the mental transformation from a job to full-time blogger won’t be an easy one. You have to get in the consistent mindset of content marketing — evergreen content marketing on a daily basis by writing lots and lots of content. Doing the transformation business work as a full-time blogger and side hustle millionaire in the making should be a labor of love because living the full-time blogger lifestyle is possible as a future side hustle millionaire for you, if you believe and do the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation.



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