Insight #1 People care about your fundraising campaign efforts, they do — it’s called [BANDWAGON ].

the cool kids are cool / that cheetah skort is fly af

Ok Ok, that’s a little dark. On more altruistic note, they really do want to be celebrating WITH you. People are actually conditioned to say ‘yes’ to avoid confrontation, so give them another opportunity to say it:

Make sure your posts always include a CALL-TO-ACTION, links to donate or a way to start the trickle effect of sharing your support (like that Haley Joel Osment movie, Pay It Forward, except waaay better and more then a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes):

charity:water social post

Make sure you are thoughtfully leading the user to a way to donate, or spread the message:

charity:water website

Insight #2 People want to feel SPECIAL. C’mon giving feels GOOD!

People want to support a cause that needs help, but also because when you donate — you want to be recognized. Just a little pat on the back — “thank you, we can’t do it with out you.” (pro tip: it’s not lying if it’s true)

Don’t do the one size fits all ‘thank you’ — that does not make me feel special. Write my name on it, tell me what i did.

It will be tedious and time consuming, but that effort will show and that positive reinforcement will increase the likelihood that i donate again.

You can have fun with it too! Pretend it’s you on the other side, surprised and delighted to receive a treat for your good deed — what would make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

Here’s a great infographic with some ideas on how to do it by fundraising platform, Classy:

Insight #3 People WANT to feel good. That’s why i’m on Upworthy looking for videos that will make me happy cry every day.

NEVER DROP OFF. Marketing is hard work, and it’s definitely just one more thing to cross off the list before bigger holiday fundraising events, but when people are finally LOOKING at you, you need to — QUICK DO SOMETHING COOL!

Use your WEARINESS, that tired energy to amuse yourself — if you can make yourself smile, after doing this all year, day in and day out — no DOUBT it will make your passionate followers smile too.

Take action now while giving spirits are high. Our 350+ freelancers empowered to help you put these insights to work on Start Hatching.



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