Business owners: 18 year olds become 26 pretty quickly!

I was one of those 18 year olds when Facebook got hot and I’m still an active user!

Snapchat will be almost as powerful as Facebook for these 18 year olds…

But this time, You can get on early!

If you are not playing around with Snapchat, you will be late to the marketing party!

What makes Snapchat different

Have you ever noticed that all other social media platforms have a feed that you scroll up and down through? With Snapchat you were only able to see a photo for about 10 seconds and the newsfeed and Snapchat is something called stories.

What’s amazing about Snapchat is that there isn’t clutter like there can be in the newsfeed. With Twitter you get to see every single tweet of any person that you follow and I think this hurts Twitters user experience.

With Snapchat, you get to only open from the people that you want to open content from.

Secondly, the power of peoples full attention for 5 to 10 seconds is the Best aspect of Snapchat for marketers. You get somebody’s full undivided attention for those 5 to 10 seconds.

Not only are the filters fun and easy to use, you can also start a microblog for your viewers. This is the best way to go behind the scenes of your life and business!

Get ahead and get on snapchat today!

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