With all of the social media platforms out there today, it may be hard for small businesses to keep up. Business owners may feel that they just signed up for one thing when another popular thing pops up. Although there are many social media channels available for your small business, not all are necessary. It is important that your business be active on the channels that best reach their target market. While Facebook and Twitter seem like go to sites, channels like Instagram and Snapchat can also be important for business.

Snapchat Stats

Currently, Snapchat has about 115 million users. That is a lot of users which means a lot of potential customers. The same source lists that 10 million new users are added each month. Even more astonishing is that over 410 million Snapchat snaps are sent per day. 410 million. That is a ton of snaps. These numbers show just how widely and heavily used this platform is.

Snapchat for Business

Looking at the above stats gives you an idea of the average Snapchat user base. This can help determine if this medium is worthwhile for your small business. If you are trying to reach Baby Boomers for example, this might not be the best means. Yet, if you are trying to target Millennials or Gen Y, then this is a platform you should definitely be active on.

First, you should try to promote your Snapchat account to your audience on your other social media channels. This is the best way to reach your target and grow your Snapchat presence since it’s an audience that already chooses to follow your business. This means that engagement with this group is already high.

The reason I believe Snapchat is useful for business is because it can make your business more personable to your audience. It is an opportunity to show your followers the inside of your business. Being able to see what goes on behind the scenes is something users love. It is also your chance to be fun and creative to make people like your business that much more.

Snapchat Ads

While knowing your market is important, so it knowing how to reach them effectively. Snapchat isn’t the same as Facebook or other platforms when it comes to ads. Advertising on Snapchat is typically done with a video ad. It will show up in the users other Snaps. When they see it they have the choice to swipe up to learn more. According to Snapchat, the swipe-up rate for Snap Ads is 5x higher than the average click-through rate on other platforms. That’s a big difference.

Personally, I click through a majority of my Snaps so seeing an ad directly in the stream isn’t effective for me as a consumer. Luckily, Snapchat has other options for ads. You can advertise via sponsored geofilters or lenses. I believe these are much more effective for multiple reasons. One, you can be creative with it to make it feel less like an ad. The less it feels like an ad, the more users will engage with it. Two, it can have a ripple effect. While not every user will use geofilters or lenses on a daily basis, others will. This means they could snap a picture using your geofilter or lens and it will reach everyone who follows them.

Social media is a vital resource for business and there are plenty of tools to help you master it. As a millennial, I understand how beneficial Snapchat can be to a small business. I feel the same way about Instagram. These are some of the biggest platforms among my generation and younger ones. This means it is important to get started early. Doing so will help you build a bigger audience so that you are way ahead of your competitors if they are late to the game.

Feel free to add your opinions about Snapchat for business in the comments!


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