I hate that I love you..

Snapchat. It’s a hate/love thing. I created an account back in the beginning of 2014. I remember being pretty active on it and creating some lovely stories (but I wasn’t that girl with stories from 300 seconds or something tho, I knew my limits.. I swear!).

But yes, I didn’t mind charing my lovely photo’s and video’s from my regular days or my vacations in for example Curaçao. Pictures from while I was laying on the beach with a mango/pineapple smoothie, a video of me running after an iguana (leguaan dus, but let’s continue) and of course a typical picture of my food at the local restaurant Janchies with the o so cute interior.

Yes, I really liked sharing my stories with my followers on Snapchat, but I also enjoyed watching everybody else’s stories. It became a routine. Just like having breakfast or taking a shower, I would start my day with Snapchat stories. Ridiculous right?

But then, this year in March I went to Cuba. L O V E D it! But everyone knows that wifi in Cuba is hard to find. And even if you finally buy an internet card that actually works, Snapchat doesn’t work in Cuba. Or at least it didn’t work for my friend and I. We were bummed at first. Cuba turned in to Snapchat rehab real quick but after a few days we actually started liking it. We loved not having internet all the time and didn’t even think about Snapchat anymore. It was such a relieve and so calming to actually just enjoy our vacation without having the urge to post something online. It’s not that we were addicted or something, I mean almost every western person wakes up and goes to sleep with it’s mobile phone. But it made me change my perception on social media. Why is it so hard for us to go a day without checking our Facebook or having a chat on WhatsApp? To NOT post something about your daily life, that coffee you just drunk, the car you just bought or the beach you’re laying on.. I felt like everything we do online is for others and not ourselves anymore. Which doesn’t have to be a problem, because social media is here to share your world with others. But somehow I just became tired of it.

My friend and I met a cuban lifeguard at our resort and he was talking about how western people are so addicted to their phones. How he had to work his ass off for maybe 20 bucks for the entire month and how he wouldn’t trade his life for ours. How he loved the simple things in life and of course, how he loved the sun. I Couldn’t blame him.

Before we left to the airport to come back we said goodbye. He went on with his life and we went back to Holland. Back to our normal lives. Back to running and hurrying for work, appointments and social obligations. However, this vacation had a little impact on our online social lives.. My friend and I both deleted our Snapchat accounts up untill this day. I even deleted al my photo’s from Instagram and made almost all my albums on Facebook private. I just wasn’t really feeling it anymore and I really really liked it and still do.

But now with this traineeship and upcoming future career as a content creator, I might be working with Snapchat more than expected. During the classes about social media I was like: “ Hey there old buddy, there we meet again.” I have to say, I didn’t expect it, but I’m feeling a slight urge to make a new Snapchat account. I’m not there yet tho. I don’t want to give in, but who knows in the (nearby) future.

Snapchat, I hate that I’m starting to love you again.


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