This may come across as a rant but I figured it would be possibly therapeutic to write this down and where else better than right here on Medium.

First things first, I’m by no means a writer. I failed miserably in English class throughout high-school. I’m a photographer, the visual arts have always been my muse.

Which brings me to what brought me to Medium on the first place. Being a full time photographer, or simply a business person of today. Marketing online is the defacto standard. All the research I’ve done pointed to how important your backlink profile is in the eyes of the overlord, Google.

As I said, I’m not a writer so writing articles is not something I’m particularly good at or enjoy in any way shape or form. This article I’m kind of writing on the fly as it were. Just random thoughts flying out of my brain onto the keyboard. My apologies if it’s a hard read, I just hope I can keep you reading to get my point across.


What’s got my feathers in a bunch you ask? Nofollow, that’s what. All the links in an article posted to Medium are nofollow by default. Why is that a problem? Because it will do absolutely nothing for your backlink profile in the eyes of Google. None at all. Yeah, it’ll show up in analytics a a referring site, someone came to your site from there but it won’t share, as SEO’s call it, ‘link juice’. It’s the link juice that helps boost the value of your site in the eye of Google and bumps you up the list in the SERP’s (the organic search results below all the paid ads. It’s where you want to be if you weren’t already aware).

I understand why, but

I get why they automatically flag all links as nofollow. If they didn’t, Medium would be a wasteland of spammy articles and a bunch of crap. I figured maybe they have some kind of approval process for writers of worthy content to have this flag removed from their accounts posts. Of course! That would help them attract really good content from really good writers because they would share that juicy DA93 they have! But alas, no such luck. Here’s the response from support.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for writing in.

As a rule, all links from Medium are nofollow, and we do not have any exceptions. We have made that decision as we don’t review every post and link on the platform.

If you need anything else, please let me know.

{name removed}
User Happiness

But there is value

Ok, some people may come and say that there is value to nofollow links. In some industries there are but it’s only if there’s lots of traffic on your Medium post. Check out the post from Moz on the subject (tee hee, it’s nofollow too) Where it may help is if your business is online, as in you sell products or services online. Getting a click on a link can tag them in a remarketing campaign and you can follow them around the net with your ad in their face.

Where it is of no help is to the new marketer and the local business owner, like me. Being local means I’m only serving people that are local to me. I don’t foresee anyone from LA jumping on a plane to come get a headshot with me. So I focus my marketing efforts to local avenues. The articles I write help everyone that reads them but the only return on that effort I’ll see is from local people. Those local people are going to come from searches, most of which, on Google. Google ranks the value of your site based on the links pointing to it. See where I’m going with this. Right back to the dreaded nofollow link. if the link to my site is nofollow, it’s not benefiting me in boosting my organic ranks which help those local searches find me. Now, like I mentioned before, I will take advantage of the remarketing tags, but, again, I’m local. I restrict my remarketing to be local. So unless someone from the Toronto area sees the Medium article and clicks the link, no one outside of the Toronto area will see the remarketing ads.

My conclusion

If you like to write, I mean truly enjoy writing. Write away and post it up on Medium. It can be therapeutic as I’m finding writing this. But go into it understanding that it’s just the therapy you’re getting out of it.

I equate writing articles and posting it to Medium as working for medium for free. They see all the benefit of getting thousands of articles a day, content coming out of their butts and the only costs they have are the platform developers and their hosting. Remember I mentioned they have a DA of 93? That’s a ranking that Moz has on domains and it’s a score out of 100 with 100 being the best score you can get which of course the Google gods have so Medium is not that far off from Google perfect score. How did they get this score? By having tons of content written by hands that were never paid or simply remunerated by a simple dofollow link.

That’s it, rant over. I think I explained myself here. At least, I hope I got the point across. I have one article up here right now. I’m not sure I’ll be posting more. I’ll either have to find another site to get posts up on or maybe create my own Medium where you can get dofollow links.

Let the comments commence but please keep it clean and civil. This piece is my opinion it’s not a core belief or base for a religion. There’s no need to call names or call me a complaining looser, ok? Have some tid bits of advice you can share with me on improving my backlinks without having to pay upwards of $300 to have a guest post put up on a DA50 site (this seems to be the new SEO services offering these days)? I’d love to hear them. Either comment below or drop me an email at

I’m a kick-ass professional headshot photographer in Toronto specializing in headshots based on psychology and human interaction. If what I’ve talked about here is making sense and you’ve looked at your current headshots and realize that it could use an update from a pro, send me an email or give me a call at 647–728–7971. Let’s show them the best you.



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