Snapchat, a social platform created to keep the dream of hormonal college boys alive has truly blossomed into something more than we could have imagined. Snapchat’s revolutionary idea, broadcasted content that disappears, is thriving — but not for the original purpose. Snapchat is more than a social platform; Snapchat is a thriving promotional tool. Brands use this platform not only to reach their audience, but to engage with their audience. Brands use the “Featured Stories” feature on Snapchat, as well as the “Live Stories” feature to engage their audience and promote sharing their constant, but those are just the obvious features.

Rip N’ Dip started as a tiny local skating company by Ryan O’Connor in 2009. It began as just a name, a saying kids started writing on their boards at skate camp, then it became T-shirts and a van full of boys making a name for themselves. O’Connor began his company with a name and his mom’s garage, now Rip N’ Dip has multiple storefronts and a lavish office in LA. Truly a company built off of the mentality behind skateboarding, the togetherness. It was a community that created Rip N’ Dip’s brand, and that community continues to grow the name through more ways than one. One of those ways is Snapchat, and a personal Snapchat run by Ryan O’Connor. O’Connor uses this platform to do more than engage his audience, he submerges them.

Lil Mayo here in cartoon form

Rip N’ Dip’s Snapchat is the go-to source of information on the brand, and it goes way beyond new arrivals in product. The Snapchat is a day in the life of Rip N’ Dip, everyday. Every day the brand has a story worth watching, something engaging, from parties, to contests, to downtime, Rip N’ Dip fans are never left wanting. The Snapchat also starts trends, and hosts mini campaigns that submerge the audience in the brand itself, what they do and what they’re all about. From these contests, Rip N’ Dip even creates more products themed after the popular contests and campaigns. Because of this level of engagement, Rip N’ Dip’s consumers feel like they are a part of the brand as a whole, their engagement creates product and is featured within the brand itself.

One example of this kind of engagement from Rip N’ Dip is the “Rip N’ Dip Water Bottle Flip Challenge.” Trivial as it sounds, it gained viral involvement that went way beyond the challenge itself. It started with videos on their Snapchat story, of the Rip N’ Dip employees flipping water bottles with the perfect amount of water in them, hoping they would land upright. It then proceeded to including customers in the store, to pedestrians on the street, to the fans of Rip N’ Dip snapping back videos of them trying it at home. Rip N’ Dip turned it into a contest, and compiled the best videos of fans doing it themselves on their Instagram and other platforms. Rip N’ Dip created their own line of labeled bottled water, which coincides with their contest as well as their song “Got the Water,” which contestants were required to play in the background of their water flipping videos.

Another Screenshot of Rip N’ Dip water

Another example is a Rip N’ Dip Snapchat theme, “Must Be Nice” where O’Connor takes pictures and snap videos of couples on the street and captions them with “Must Be Nice.” A theme that took hold of fans as well, and Rip N’ Dip now has their own line of condoms, aptly titled “Must Be Nice.” Another campaign centers around one of Rip N’ Dip’s two mascots, Nermal and Lil Mayo. Lil Mayo is an alien, and Nermal is a white cat. While taking Snapchat videos of normal everyday odd occurrences and playing the X-Files theme song in the background, O’Connor tied his “otherworldly experiences” back to his character, Lil Mayo. Nermal himself is a real cat that has taken a few appearances on the Snapchat as well.

A Screenshot from the Snapchat of Must be Nice Condoms

As Rip N’ Dip grows as a company and a brand, they do it with the help and the engagement of their fans. One of the main platforms they use for engagement is Snapchat, they encourage their fans to participate in what they’re doing no matter where they are or who they are their fans can feel involved in Rip N’ Dip’s creative process as a brand and a community.

Nermal is usually posed flipping you off with both his little paws.


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