1. Understand Objectives:

> Increase brand awareness

> Demonstrate company culture

> Share company values & wisdom

> Increase customer engagement

2. Decide a Content Strategy:

I believe it is beneficial for us to learn from other marketing agencies with an excellent social media presence, such as Ogilvy & Mather:

What we can learn from Ogilvy & Mather about Content:

> Words are powerful.

Given that Instagram is very visually overburden platform, the average reader spends more time on a post that has words. Especially powerful words that tell wisdom. Here’s what Ogilvy & Mather did:

> Engage with audience. Encourage sharing.

The power of social media lies in sharing. One link or tag leads to 10, 100, or 1000 more hits and sharing. Most websites or videos go viral because of social sharing. Some methods to increase engagement and sharing include posting questions & interacting with the online community, start social media contests, prepare gifts for winners etc..

3. Have an Effective Posting Schedule

Advertisers want to be where the eyeballs are. Also when the eyeballs are. Studies have shown that Monday & Tuesday are the best days to post, 8–9am, 5pm & 2 am are the best times to post on Instagram.


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