Over the weekend I stumbled across an article written by Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, that talks about the importance of social media. This isn’t your typical article that shouts why everyone should be on the platform, but rather a callout to the fact that rarely anyone is truly addressing the digital skills gap. Give it a read for yourself here!


  • Time Warner: Board members voted over the weekend about AT&T acquiring Time Warner. This would be one of the largest media deals in history! (Source: CNN Money)
  • Weiden + Kennedy: To say that this election has been crazy would be an understatement. In fact, even Weiden + Kennedy is getting in on the fun as we move closer to election day. (Source: Facebook)
  • Digital Meltdown: Several internet sites went down and people went nuts. Shows how much we need our tweets. (Source: What’s Trending)


  • Facebook Trend Woes: Even after Facebook has let go of its human editors, the platform is still reportedly having issues filtering out fake stories from their trending content. (Source: Washington Post)
  • Facebook App Push Available: Now that it is officially out of beta, marketers can take advantage of customizable push campaigns for Facebook apps. This is meant to encourage users to continue to use Facebook apps repeatedly. As it stands now, around 60% access apps less than 10 times. (Source: WeRSM)
  • Nihiwatu + Instagram: There is a remote hotel chain that advertises on Instagram solely. And it’s brilliant. (Source: CNBC)
  • LinkedIn Endorsements: You said I’m good at what? Normally, I just shrug off LinkedIn Endorsements as a means of people trying to get you to say that they are great at things like reading. However, LinkedIn Endorsements will change based on who is viewing them based on an algorithm in order to show the most relevant ones. (Source: Tech Crunch)
  • SMS via Ads on Google: Google is testing a new feature that allows users to sms directly with ads. I wonder how many brands take advantage of this via a customer service perspective. This could be huge in addressing users where they go when they are looking for help/information — Google. Facebook Messenger is also working on a similar feature. (Source: Venture Beat)
  • Live Streaming is the Future: Before you start with your doubting, think about this… While traditional viewing (while larger) of the first debate decreased for the 2nd debate, live streaming increased each debate. (Source: Social Media Times)

Amazing Apps

  • Pulse Point: Although I am not CPR certified I think this app is awesome. Stumbled across an article that described how this app alerted nearby trained responders (who have the app installed) to that a man needed assistance. The police were also notified to help get him medical attention as soon as possible. So dope! (Source: Digital Trends)

Awesome Ads


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