I’m 32 this year. The past seven years I have been working hard on my career, trying to make money to live a comfortable life. I rarely spend time with my parents. Other than their birthdays, when I would go out to eat with them, I rarely talk to them at all. And this was the way I lived my life until I got into some trouble. And they were the only ones there for me. Not my friends, whom I thought I was close to. Not the people I work with, whom I spend a ton of time together with. But my parents, whom despite being neglected by an undutiful son, stood by me like to pillars that held a bridge together.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, 22 March 2010. Image source: 2010 Golden Gate Bridge.jpg by Steven Pavlov is licensed under CC BY 3.0

I was that bridge, trampled by the masses who only bothered about getting over the other side. Bridges are assumed to always be able to take the weight of whatever is passing over it. That’s how engineers designed them. 40% stronger than the maximum weight over it (If I remember right… haha… don’t quote me on this.). So nobody cared about the bridge. But this bridge was falling apart. This bridge had cracked at the bottom and nobody knew. The bridge held itself together, for other people, because it thought that that was its purpose, it’s life’s duty. It was unaware that it was causing a great strain on the two pillars holding it together as well.

That bridge finally understood it’s foolishness. It thought itself glorious and purposeful and serving many in their way of life. But it now realized that it was held together by two silent pillars. It realized it cracked, and the strain it was putting on it’s pillars. It called for help. It would now, always remember that when it did something useful, it was because of that two old pillars held him together.

Spend time with your parents. They will only be able to be there for you for so long. Today is my mum’s 60th birthday. My dad is 67. I gave her a hug and a kiss, something which I rarely do. I went to Church with her, another thing that I rarely do. I saw more of life from her perspective, something I never seen before. Happy Birthday Mother. I love you. Thank you for being there for me Dad, you are great too.

Tell your Mum you love her today. Give your Dad a hug the next time you see him. There might not be too many opportunities left.




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