In college I turned a paper due the second day of class, a Blank Page I might add. The only thing written was my name on the top left corner of the sheet.

I was able to proof that that sheet of paper was my biggest fear. Staring at nothing is scary, writers, creators, makers, designers, we all share that common fear.

However I have to say that I no longer have any fear to a blank page.


First off, remember this is Be Pro Tekk, there will be posts being reviews and experiences that entrepreneurs need to confirm if something is worth trying, buying, getting.

Recently provided an offer for The product create curiosity in me immediately. I decided to buy it as they were offering Lifetime access to it.

With that being said, unfortunately the deal sold out form Appsumo.

Still you can visit and verify the information given.

The System

The goal of every writer is to have a minimum amount of words to write daily for their story, blog, articles, novels, etc. You set your goal, start the sorry add the topics, chapters, sections, write the outline which you can access at any time, and complete the goal of words you decided to complete eeach day.

Pretty soon this feels like exercise and fun instead of something that you would have to start doing again and again on hte full computer which the problem is, distractions.

BlankPage helps you stay focused on the goals and that you choose and later on export what you have written to Rich Text Format or .DOCX.

We recommend this software, greatly.

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