5 Ways a Teenager Can Make Money Online in 2020
Pratik Patel

In this blog, I’ll show you 5 ways a teenager can make money online.

Making your first buck online can be very hard & some people once fail, they don’t even try it the second time!

Making money online is hard but not impossible. I’ll say making money online is easier on the Internet than in real life (Ofcourse Internet is real life too, but you get the point).

Below I have listed 5 ways I have personally earned money when I was starting out & are the best options for anyone who wants to make money online in 2020

I know, You don’t know how to make websites. But trust me, making websites is one of the easiest things I’ve learned. I’m not talking about learning PHP, CSS, HTML, JS or any of that stuff.

Making websites is far more simple than that. You can easily make a website on WordPress within hours for which people will pay you $300-$500 or even more.

You might be thinking this is unrealistic, because I did too. But check out my portfolio — Pratik Patel Services. All the websites in my portfolio are made by me with no professional knowledge whatsoever.

I learned making WordPress websites within -1–2 months & make approx 47 websites till now. You can use websites like WPbeginner to learn about WordPress for free & make awesome websites.

And the question remains, how can you find a client right?

You can find 100 local businesses near you & check out all of their websites.

Make a shortlist on how many businesses don’t have a website & how many of them have an outdated website.

You can offer your services to that small business for any rate you want or even offer your services for free.

But how will you earn money then?

Through Referral. Bluehost offer $65 per signup. You can least convince the small business owners for hosting on Bluehost & earn a referral from Bluehost & the business gets a small website for free.

Making a website for a small business will not take more than 1 day & $65 for 1 day to good o start with.

Many people start dropshipping & run ads in different countries & expect sales.

This is the wrong way according to me if you want to dropship successfully.

When starting out, you should dropship locally in your state or your city or your locality. Local dropship gives you an opportunity to find the right type of customer, how to manage spends, easy shipping & great customer service.

Also targeting the audience in the same city or state or even country can be cheap compared to going International on your first day & closing your store on the second day.

There are a lot of benefits aside from what I mentioned above like — you can also accept COD orders which will help your cash flow, returns will be easy & everything will work smoothly.

Once you are confident about your customer persona, customer behaviors on the store, the right product price, then you can go international & succeed.

So if you are starting a dropshipping store, consider my option & It might help you succeed in the dropshipping business.

Drop a comment if you want me to explain more about local dropshipping.

People often waste their time on Instagram just scrolling photos of celebs & friends. But there are a ton of people who male money off the Instagram & use the platform efficiently.

And you have to do the same.

If you think getting followers is hard & trying to sell on Instagram is even harder. Think twice.

You can sell anything on Instagram as long as you have a page & post daily. Be consistent with posting & engaging with potential audience & you will sell great on Instagram

You can use tools like Gram up which is a free tool developed by Github community. This is the safest tool or as called bot because this bot does not run on any server but runs on your Google Chrome.

Use Gram up for following your potential customers by targeting the audience by Hashtags, Following followers of competitors, likes & many other ways.

Selling digital products is the most effective way of making money off Instagram, but you can sell physical products too.

Drop a comment if you want me to explain more about selling on Instagram.

If you are looking for a great side hustle or some extra side income, then flipping things for profit is one of the best things you can do.

Flipping is a great way to make money online. If you are in some of the developed countries like the USA it’s even easier.

You can easily sell used stuff on websites like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

Flipping business is easy because of the low-risk factor & some time you even flip things that you got for free & make a profit out of it.

You can check out my full flipping blog I wrote on Financial Wolves.

It does not matter how young or old you are, if you have the right skills then freelancing can be a carrier for you.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a skill set.

You can sign up on Skillshare from this link & get 2 months of Free Unlimited Premium Courses & develop your skill sets.

You will probably be ready within 1–2 months of learning & then you can signup on Freelancer, Upwork, Payperhour, etc & start earning.

Freelancing is not easy but it’s not impossible too. Yes, getting a gig at the start will suck. I got my first gig on Upwork after 2 months of applying for multiple jobs.

But when you start the process of applying & never giving up, you will eventually land a job which you can do as a freelancer & clients will start to roll in.

Don’t just read blogs, START NOW!

I mean it. I’ve seen a 100 Ways a Teenager Can Make Money Online in 2020 but for me “5 Ways a Teenager Can Make Money Online in 2020” worked.

Even if the 5 of the above steps don’t work for you, it’s okay. You have to try different things that you can make money from & who know you’ll end up on a million-dollar idea.

But the above 5 steps are guaranteed to work 95% of the time & have worked for me too. These were the exact same things I have made money from & not researched from Google.

Try these methods & I hope you succeed.

Have a question? Have comments? Leave them down below & I’ll answer it.

That’s it for this blog “5 Ways a Teenager Can Make Money Online in 2020”



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