During my journey, I came across iB Hubs Startup School and immediately applied. I am lucky to have been selected as a student entrepreneur at the iB Hubs Startup School — an accelerator program specially designed for student startups. I was one of the lucky few to be selected among the 600 applicants.

As a part of this program, we were sent out to talk to our potential customers and carry out empathy experiments. Empathy survey allowed me to visualize my potential customer and I encountered my customers for the first time and countered a new problem which allowed me to change view point towards my startup.

The beautiful day started by my visit to Spirulina unit located in Nalanda nagar to analyze the Setup and probe quantitative information of Spirulina products. I discovered the conventional and traditional methods towards the production of Spirulina and the usage of chemicals to cultivate Spirulina.

The methods exercised there was way beyond the approved standards. I found my product composition is way more of organic and healthy for consumption compared to the composition that they were using. The chemicals which were used by us was the fertilizer grade and approved to be safe. I even found that the media composition is better than that at the Spirulina unit.

Secondly I visited the couple of slums to understand problem of the undernourished people and observe the growth rate and nutrition level of the children. I was so very empathetic that resulted in me to work out with a free model for the betterment of under privileged that would eventually eradicate malnutrition. Though they would require nourishment, they are in no position to afford it.

I thank iB Hubs for this opportunity and I believe that these experiments have helped in making my startup better. I welcome any positive and additional inputs that could uplift my motives and support my cause. Feel free to get back to me personally at madhures66@gmail.com



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