Tesco Executive team meet their Arrival Network mentees
Daniel Snell

November 2019 was a very busy month for us at Arrival Education, we launched 3 new programmes and completed one. We also delivered a few workshops and had some coaching partnerships coming to an end.

In terms of participant reach, in total, we had over 110 Corporate Participants and 150 members of our Talent Network attending an event at some point in November. Including the CEO and Global Exec Team of Tesco and the COO of Investec, Alistair Stuart.

1. Tesco Exec Mentoring Programme

November saw us launch the Tesco Mentoring Programme. Over the next 7 months 15 members of Arrival Education’s Talent Network, aged 19–26, will be working with 15 members of Tesco’s Global Exec Team in order to connect, learn and share from one another.

Over a delicious, sustainably sourced dinner held at Tesco’s HQ in Welwyn Garden City, Mentors and Mentees connected as a group and then at the end of the evening discovered who their partner would be.

The feedback from AE’s talent was incredibly positive. Although a little guarded at first, they left feeling that the Exec team was genuine, interested, authentic and committed to learning what it is like for diverse talent trying to navigate their way into and through UK PLC.

Over the next quarter, mentoring pairs will be aiming to meet a couple of times, before the group reconvenes in late February for dinner at a local community venue somewhere in urban London.

Rather than holding the first 1:2:1 meeting at the Mentor’s workplace, Tesco Exec Mentors will meet their Mentee in their community, for the mentees to take their Mentors on a guided ‘story tour’ of their life. Using the backdrop of their local neighbourhood they will illustrate the realities of being from a background like theirs. Sharing their personal lives, as well as deepening the executives understanding of the potential barriers that diverse, low-income talent might face in their desires to get on with their lives and careers.

This programme represents a major investment of time during Tesco’s busiest trading period. The agenda clearly means a lot to Tesco colleagues too, with nearly 100,000 organic impressions on our LinkedIn posts within a month alone. The post comment below by Chris is pretty illustrative.

“What a great idea… super proud of this exciting opportunity you are giving to all people…” Chris Gilmartin, Deputy Manager at Tesco PLC

November also sees GSK Unlocked 2018–19 come to an end.

Earlier this year, 20 AE students and 32 GSK staff started working together. The focus was to help AE’s talent develop the skills, confidence and knowledge needed to navigate their way into great early years’ roles. It also gives GSK Staff the opportunity to better understand some of the challenges facing diverse talent, as well as a focus to showcase their cultural values.

The participants came together for a series of workshop events at GSK House, West London. Each workshop focussed on one of the 4 different GSK work ‘Expectations’ — Development; Accountability; Teamwork and Courage.

Additionally, a guest speaker, brought each capability to life, by addressing why it’s important at GSK. Meanwhile, the talent had the opportunity to improve their interview skills, along with a better understanding of assessment centres. All Arrival participants had a formal coaching session and then between the workshops, they were further supported by a GSK ‘buddy’, from the Future Leaders (graduate fast-track) programme.

The Celebration Event was an opportunity for AE’s talent and GSK staff to share what they had taken from the programme.

The event was both a moving and an authentic reflection of GSK, their culture and their investment in people. You really felt the gentle, kind and intelligent leadership from the staff who delivered this programme.

We were treated to some brilliant live and remote contributions from the Talent and had over 20 GSK Unlocked volunteers and 11 GSK guest colleagues. The event was very moving. AE’s talent wrote poems, told stories, and brought great levels of creativity and authenticity to their presentations.

The feedback has been excellent. For AE’s talent, GSK Unlocked 2019 has received the following feedback

  • 100% better than they had expected
  • 100% feel better equipped to get a placement or grad role.

“As a result of the GSK Unlocked programme, I feel that my confidence has improved significantly and that I am able to seek out opportunities that I otherwise would not have, as well as having the courage to ask for feedback and assistance when needed.”

November also saw us launch this year’s Invest for Success programme with Investec. A 5-month investment and development programme for state-educated 6 formers from opportunity starved communities. Offering exceptional insight into the world of investing. Volunteers from Investec support teams of low-income school students to make informed but competitive decisions on a virtual share portfolio.

Now in its 4th year, nearly 50 students from Years 12 & 13 and volunteers from Investec Wealth attended the launch event, held at Investec’s London HQ on Gresham Street. In addition to teams from London, two teams from Liverpool attended virtually and a further 10 volunteers from Investec are involved.

A new addition to this year’s programme was a brilliant digital ‘Trading Portal’ which facilitates trading submissions. The students had their first trading meeting to review their first set of decisions.

After a successful pilot, Artemis has really set the bar high, with the largest ever numbers for a single in-house programme.

A whopping 63 students and 37 volunteers took over the first 2 floors of Artemis’ offices in St James. With 44 Artemis Staff involved in the Profit Hunt programme or 25% of the whole workforce. It says a huge amount about the culture at Artemis and their commitment to leading on the Environmental, Social and Governance agenda.

This year’s Access Network is well underway. Made up of nearly 100 students from 5 different London state schools. In November, we ran 2 workshops — one at Artemis on Networking Success, attended by 4 Artemis volunteers and 14 students and one at Investec on Stress Management, attended by 9 Volunteers and 9 Students.

Feedback gathered so far is extremely positive.

  • 100% of students would recommend our workshops to their peers
  • 100% enjoyed it
  • 73% of students attending said that they expected the workshop to significantly increase the quality of their life
  • 100% of volunteers attending would recommend the workshops to others
  • 100% felt they developed new skills relevant to the workplace
  • 80% left the workshop feeling more positive

If you are interested in funding the programme please read more here

A number of 1:2:1 Coaching Relationships from last year’s Access Network programme are still ongoing with only 4 coaching relationships completing this mont



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