A central element in the ADSA project is building on best practice from previous projects and initiatives from around Europe which have supported startups going international. Our aim is to help create an ecosystem where entrepreneurs can find the support, access, tools and skills they need to go global. Local Business Support Organizations (BSO) which have a better understanding of these methodologies and needs play a vital role. To this end we have gathered, analysed and presented examples of good practice in the form of case studies, you can follow the links below for the 5 case studies in the series.
Throughout the project, all partners will involve all business support actors from their Startup Ecosystem, to share their know how and increase their capacity to provide these services. BSOs can learn and implement the right methodologies and tools adapted to the needs of this fast growing sector. They can build relationships with other organizations across countries to facilitate the access of Digital Startups to new international markets.



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