2018? I am in a state where I am not sure whether it’s going to be a roller coaster ride or it is going to give me peace that I am looking for… Taking risk is what my life is all about, some risk was in my favor but some were drastically danger.

What’s done is done, now all want things to be good and positive. I am going to focus on all the opportunity that comes my way, I am not going to regret or not going sit and say “Oh God why”, why I missed it. 2018 is the year of Goals, year of good health and Love, better Wardrobe, adventure and lot of stories to share. Loving my Skin and being comfortable is going to be the primary goal, not comparing myself because I am best in what I am today. God gave me this body and color to cherish and not to cry about. One thing is for sure I am going to learn how to bake cake, I love eating and cooking just need to learn more of household chaos as too bad with it.

At the age of 26, sometime feel like I am 40 and not going to get married till 50 and sometimes I feel I am 16 and it’s too soon to get married. Where the hell my life is going, 2018 is all about stream lining the goals I am going to make sure that I move a step forward towards my dream. Dream of traveling to a new country, dream to growing mature enough to handle my failure and learning from those failures. This time I am going to get up whenever I fall and with a smiling face I am going to keep trying till the time I win.



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