We’re engaged with so many e-commerce platforms via mobile or web app and are being introduced in every coming day. And we are here to give you one more, no different in terms of business. The three of us, came with an idea of supplying water cans online, sounds so simple? yes it was till it came to reality and online. The idea came from one of the co-founder who ordered few water cans for his home, the dealer gave an hour time for the can delivery, but even after an hour or so no can received at his home. He called him again and the reply was usual, “it will take just 10 minutes”, he kept on calling and yes he did received the can. But this whole procedure struk his mind to think for a platform where people don’t have to call so many times for ordering just a water can. In this world of easiness we three of us finally came to a decision to go for this simple looking yet an impactful startup. And there to be honest from the final year of our graduation we started working on this project, and due to some ideas upcoming and other scenarios we held the working. But finally from November, 17 we started with a great pace keeping one thing in mind i.e to make this project live and healthy in the market. The way i am writing is too easy, but the implementation was opposite of it. We three (now six)were and are an amazing team (touch wood), one of us is an Self taught Android Developer, me and my other team member are web Developers. We knew that we will be facing managerial issues too but we faced them like a team and here we are with some amazing work to show case the world. There is no one in the team who is in capable of anything, each one us has that charm in their mind to do something really big but not for money but for a name to be raised in the market. We do lack behind many things since we don’t have experience of that, but once we are on it we make mistakes, we fail but the next time we do it is of another level of success. waterAtDoor was formed as an online ecommerce portal which is web and app based to order water cans that too without compromising the quality of water and delivery services. But now we are moving a step ahead seeing the over population and rapid consumption of this (water ) natural resource. We will be soon launching our new campaign regarding this, i cannot disclose the details but yes its for the benefit of our future generations. Thanks for giving a read to this, will keep you posting and do join our hands and be the saviour for your society.

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