How Every Day I’m Not Launching, I’m Losing

Documenting the journey can be a funny thing.

“The journey,” by definition, implies long-term aspirations. Documenting, however, in an ideal sense, takes place each and every day.

There-in lies the hidden irony of what I’m doing: Trying to capture the finer details of what is supposed to be a lengthy process — one that could take years at the very least—as part of a daily routine.

It’s not easy, but it does keep me motivated.

As such, I can often be found experimenting with and/or trying new things, especially when it comes to sharing my thoughts, opinions, challenges, results, and stories on my daily vlog (please subscribe).

I try to keep things interesting, for both my sanity and the sake of my progress as a whole.

And this week, that means setting impossible goals.

I took on a freelance writing project recently.

My client, the owner of a brokerage, wanted to create a course to help real estate professionals maximize their earnings.

And in it, he talked about the concept of setting impossible goals.

The idea — his idea — was that if you could set goals that were, for all intents and purposes, “impossible,” but also specific and measurable, there’s a chance you could achieve better results than you ever could have imagined.

To me, that’s like starting a brand new video game and setting the difficulty to hard as opposed to normal.

For anybody who’s ever played the game on normal, hard is probably actually pretty difficult. But, for anybody who’s only ever played the game on hard, they don’t know how much easier it could be. So, in essence, hard becomes their new normal, automatically separating them from the rest.

So, this idea seemed simple enough for me. Enough, at least, that I went ahead and set a few impossible goals:

  • Lose 40 pounds before August 4th. When I first moved out to Colorado a year ago, the lifestyle change alone netted me a loss of 40 pounds. I would like to lose another 40 before a wedding I have two months from now, which is utterly impossible if you ask me.
  • Post 100 evergreen videos in 30 days. This one is geared toward making my YouTube presence more search engine friendly, as well as more valuable. I have no reason to believe I can’t make this one happen, although it is still rather impossible.
  • Reach out to 100 photo & video professionals every day. For the platform I’m building, I really need to up my outreach game. Getting in touch with 100 individuals in NYC & 100 more in LA has proven rather difficult, so I figured an impossible goal for me here would be to reach that many every day.

Now, these goals may all be impossible, but it is my understanding that because they’re specific enough to measure, I can strive for them all the same.

And that’s what I fully intend on doing.

If, at the end of the next 30 days, I’ve managed to lose 10 pounds, post 30 videos, and reach out to 1,000 different people, I will not have reached my goals, but I will have made significant progress towards them.

Now, all of a sudden, I feel myself making measurable progress on these things.

First, I downloaded a simple habit tracker app on my phone. This allowed me to set up a category where I could track my workouts, which I’ve casually set to a 3-times-per-week minimum to help push towards my goal.

After one day, I’m one-for-one in terms of making it to the gym. 💪🏻

In terms of the 100 videos, I haven’t started on any just yet, but I will say this: The fact that this is even one of my impossible goals keeps it top of mind, which, in itself, makes it all the more likely that I’ll film at least some of them over the next 30 days.

And then lastly, in terms of outreach, I’m already behind, but definitely making progress. Having that 100-person goal sitting there on the top of my mind does already help me map out my days, at least mentally.

In my mind, with respect to my business, every day I’m not launching is a day I’m losing. I want to change that. And to change it, it’s going to require throwing in some extra hours and being smarter about how I spend my time.

And, it’s going to require setting and pursuing some impossible goals.



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