As I am writing this first entry in my blog I am above the clouds hurtling towards Thessaloniki, Greece for a well-deserved (in my opinion) holiday. Of course I have already had the joy of experiencing the obligatory 90min delay at London Stansted, kind regards of some air traffic control strikes in Italy (don’t ask me how that delays a flight from the UK to Greece).

I suppose if this is to be an introduction then I should divulge a bit about myself and what the purpose of this blog is.

So a bit about myself, I am a 23 year old Financial Consultant working for a Big 4 firm. Now to some of you that may mean something and to others it may not, but for clarity just so we are all on the same page, I work for a global corporation who advise other global corporations on their financial problems. For anyone who thinks that sounds as boring as watching paint dry, you would be 100% accurate.

I am currently at a crossroads in my life, after graduating from university in the summer of 2016 I went straight into work that same autumn. At first I looked forward to the exciting new challenge that lay ahead, but coming up to 2 years in the company and I can safely say that this is not for me.

Through all the mind numbingly boring projects at work I have always done my best to stay in shape and maintain a good level of fitness, which has definitely kept me somewhat sane. Sport and more generally exercise has always been a constant in my life since as long as I can remember, which is maybe why I want to share my passion with others at this stage of my life.

Some of you may be questioning if I wanted to share my passion for fitness & health why did I not just make a YouTube channel? This is a very fair question, but I believe that to be able to clearly communicate information in an entertaining manner via prose is a much greater challenge than picking up a camera and filming yourself pumping iron. Fortunately I like a challenge so I humbly accept.

Just to be clear, I know very well that most of the top YouTube fitness stars put in hours and hours editing their content, but I cannot help but feel that in a video format some of the key details can be easily lost if you misunderstand a word for example. Additionally, scrolling back through an article to find a specific point is much faster than re-watching a whole video just to find a 10 second segment. That is not to say that video is not superior in other ways (I will explore using both in harmony), but enough on this debate now as I think I will explore this topic in another entry.

Going forwards I will endeavour to impart onto you, my readers

  1. Advice and knowledge that I have garnered from over a decade of sport, health & fitness in order to help others to improve and be the best version of themselves.
  2. My views/opinions on the macro health & fitness trends and current topical issues (or issues that aren’t topical, but I still find interesting :P)
  3. Regular updates on my journey through life and the ongoing work/life struggles.

There we go, 566 words and I think we are done for this entry.

I hope you all have a great day/night wherever you are!

Until next time all the best,




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