“YOLKLESS EGG”, an emancipator-driven live theatre production, begun its journey from 2002 and has since, been thoroughly tested. It’s a didactic piece that is specially designed to feature local and international veteran actors and budding stars for a nation-wide and international tour.

Since this engaging and confrontational piece demands an intense preparation, Dzolali Theatre House, led by Atsu Adaletey, engaged actors in a 3-Day Intensive Workshop at Keta in the Volta region of Ghana. The workshop exposed actors to shocking history and facts about Keta, Fort Prinzenstein, and other interesting sites.

Atsu Adaletey meets his mentor, Torgbui Agbotadua Kumassah (Photograph managed by phone)

Torgbui Agbotadua Kumassah, a great and exceptional arts advocate of Keta sacrificed some of his busy schedules and engaged actors with storytelling, historical and resourceful talks. He is an award-winning author whose works has given him the opportunity to travel to the United States of America and other countries.

Camp Location at Keta, Volta Region — Ghana

Henry Adu-Amoyaw, a filmmaker, and production manager, alongside Patrick Oteng, also moved from Accra and exposed the actors to some key principles in showbiz and encouraged them for volunteerism. Patrick Oteng, a veteran actor, inspired them to be consistent and focus. They also advised actors not to hinge their passion on fame and money because that is the easiest path that leads to their destruction.

Actors dealing with stress

Actors also enjoyed the serene, neat and sight-arresting scene of Keta and some negative perceptions of the Ewe people got buried.

Atsu Adaletey continues with his enlighten theatre workshops and soon touring with “YOLKLESS EGG”.

Special thanks to Mr. Anthony Amegashie for the special treat.

Images made possible by Nathaniel T. Quashie, Joseph Torto (Kiki Rom), Johannes Laryea, Rapper One and all others.



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