First things first. When I need inspiration, you know that extra push…I listen to R|$e 2 P0w3r playlist. Listen in order. Always start with Orion, always.

Today is all System 2 baby! Woot! Mental Martial Ats baby! Work that System2, its go time! My process before attacking System2 work is to audio VLOG|This allows me to lay conceptual framework before sending my brain power into areas it hasn’t been before.

Remember, an army every is n army no where.

Start Stripe server.

Get webpage up — install stripe wordpress plugin


Load stripe.go into go/programs directory using ftp

Download strip repositories from Github, use public keys

Verify port 8080 is open

Go to | Once there I should see a blank webpage. If I s33 nothing that means I am supposed to be where I wanted to go.

Scope Limitation|

  1. I do not know how load a webpage from a subnet masked IP from the command line. Is that possible? Should be, run a web browser from the command line, go to the destination and it should load.

It’s not that hard

That’s what she said

I have sent a snail mail to Mississippi Penguin, letting him know I will be reaching out later today as I anticipate a problem where he can apply his brain power and help The Mission.

I do not forget people that genuinely help me. Help does not mean I pay them money. If anyone ever offers you “help” expect they mean you are to pay them a bag of monies.

2) I am also gapping out when thinking of stripe.go and using the wordpress stripe plugin. System1 tells me this could be a perspective difference between the engineer and I. Solution: phone call once I have completed the objective. This is when I learn from someone 10 years younger then me. Awesome!

Action = Go Time = exp = growth = success = $

Magic powder loaded (source code loaded)

Download strip repositories from Github, use public keys

Verify port 8080 is open

Starting to gap out. Fear. so to get the stripe library run this command: go get

Easy right? well this is where it gets confusing here is the next comment:

Its expecting environment variables for the keys instead of having them hardcoded.

So you can run it with: Magic powder ie proprietary source code.

First thing, is I don’t know what environment variables are. Or do I? Let’s apply penguin logic here. Environment = the Go program. ie whatever is inside the shell of the program. cool. Variable = the values that the environment requires to run. Values can be changed at the architect’s discretion, this is where one becomes The Creator.

K so, im applying some experience over the 20 years of building computers that I should be able to run the command from the CMD, which will do something. I speculate load another screen where I will be required to put in the keys:

So before I run the command, I recall distinctly my old teacher telling me to swing Jesse swing. But then I recall the countless coaches and teammates telling me to relax and be less powerful. So this is there I get confused. But now I realize I am a 21st Century Ronin.

A Ninja with no Master

There are pros and cons to being Ronin, which I have been most of my life. Don’t need to get into those deets here bro.

So, as I feel the need for approval to win, from some father figure, I think to myself what could CROM say?

Yeah, lets run the command. But first I do want to say if this command works it will be bring me so much joy and I will start dancing on Bae’s bed because this will tell me The Martial Art$ 0f Money is working.

I’m going to type the command as well so that I feel the syntax power. K brb, submerging as an Orca in the Linux World, ie the back end of the Internet Economy.

Here is my abstract spiritual mental thought process



So now, here is were I am faced with an unexpected event. Reason is because I am still a Penguin on the command line, which is fine. Everyone starts off as a penguin. So lets use some professional judgement here. When in a rabbit hole stop digging and use Orcanomics |

DEFINE THE PROBLEM| Determine the action to take | Communicate the result. This framework will get you out of the rabbit hole. You MUST apply mental discipline |


Go command isn’t found. That can only be two things 1) go isn’t installed properly 2) the syntax to run a go program in Centos6 is different then what was given ie go.

Action| Decision Tree

Experience tells me do not doubt myself. Doubting myself is one of the things that holds me back. Does that ever happen to you? So, I apply confidence to this situation and can eliminate option 1 because I installed go and ran hello world. So the penguin mindset gives me a 1 not a 0.

Bingo! Keep going…

So now, I am challenged, so lets try the command without typing go see if that works.


Now, id like to see if there is a reddit community for Golang. I want to get involved in the community, and grow together. I just want the bullism to stop. I am the wrong guy to bully. Trust me on this one. But they still come, its just the nature of the beast. Accept the rules of the game while you optimize and create your own rules as you design your own systems.

Here is an important thread, reading this will help the wide perspective framework of The Machine. Staying relevant is important. I may be more Neanderthal then all but I do stay relevant while working on my craft for two decades. Staying relevant is important mmkay…

K very useful language. This gives me confidence to keep investing personally in Go skills.

Now back to the problem at had. Let’s google. Hm, nothing shows up in google for how to run a program in centos 6

whoops I didn’t type go that’s why. Details are important mkay.

K rabbit hole here, gapping out, losing focus, lets try to confirm go is working on OS. Need to find out how determine if go is installed. Well I could run hello world as I did last week no? Yeah, k lets see if command is available by using the up arrow.

Nothing…at a stand still, its time to Call Mississippi Penguin.

First thing I will ask him, is run hello.go, if he can do that then go is installed.

He hasn’t responded to text so let me first see if I can figure out how to verify if go is installed. Found something here: +1 for =0)

$ rpm -qa | grep {package-name}

K what is the package name. Lets try go.

switched to nature music as power wont get my through this problem. All brains from here brah. Less brawn more brain.

ugh..nothing, this tells me Go isn’t installed. Now, I feel like I am concussed. I need to ask questions.

Mississippi isn’t at his post. So I must continue on. I grabbed a Hey Y’all reduce the stress, Bae is coming home soon we need to move and im avoiding a conversation about us getting cable in our new house. Let me google the specific problem, bingo! time. Going to put on 30 minute relaxation meditation. Maybe that will cool the Aries fire in me that is burning right now.

Okay a millimeter of progress here. I moved stripe to dir /root/go/src representing source code. So lets try to run now. Command not found. This tells me go isn’t installed, but it is i swear lol. So lets run hello world. I don’t even know how to to that. Learning is fun. I feel like the corporate machine doesn’t have time for my learning. Well, those environments aren’t for me then. Which is why it makes more sense for me to continue the amount of assets under my management. ie property management

Hmm environment variables. I am not touching them unless I speak to engineer.

Found this thread interesting, I know im not alone here. There are many other Journeymen who are attempting to grow in this direction. We must consolidate power, join forces. The Scotts will help me, The Mac Dougalls will help me.

So, in last weeks Mastermind session, it came up that I should call my bro, but I don’t want to call my bro because I have newbie questions. My bro said “bro, I wouldn’t think too much into it, I would just ask”. I realize this is an area of improvement of mine. It’s fear. It’s like I don’t want to bother people in this case engineer because hes got to work, the guy just got off work, I respect peoples time, maybe too much.

Calling engineer,

grrr no, I should be able to run hello world. I just need to get the ball rolling here and I will be able to grow. What I am learning is getting moment um going is challenging ie the wind behind your back. It’s like timing a wave in the ocean.

Environment variables. Where do I find those? How do I determine what my workspace directory is?

K enough is enough, I tried my best. Time to call engineer, and look hes on slack.

K got off the phone with engineer. THAT WAS PRODUCTIVE. Way more productive then Jesse sitting here in this reclusive rabbit hole figuring things out on my own. This feels like when I was learning accounting in University. The homework we would receive was so hard for me I would invest considerable time on problems I rarely solved, that was a bit defeating. However when we went to class took up the answers it made more sense. This was optimal learning. However, once I was overloading semesters taking 7 classes a semester for two years instead of 5 classes a semester like most, it was clear that I only had so much time. On top of the 7 classes a semester I was also on the wrestling team, computer help desk, a hockey coach and bounced at local bars, and still some how managed to party. Don’t know how I did it I just soldiered on. I will give credit to the military training I received starting at the age of 17.

So what can we summarize here? try my best. Once I am stuck others will help. The more time engineer and I can invest together to closer this machine will start printing money again.



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