Dear WavesGo Community,

The new Waves App is finally released on both Android and iOS- and it was well worth the waiting time. If you didn’t have time to check it out, we urge you to take a look at it immediately. It offers a slick & intuitive design with a full range of features, be it leasing your Waves to WavesGo *wink*, trade your favorite cryptocurrencies on the Waves DEX or just send and receive.

Find all information about the App here.

Now to our Buyback

Starting from October 2017, 50% of all net profits generated by WavesGo are being used to buy back & burn WGO tokens. This means that literally 50 cent of every single dollar of profit earned by all our current and future revenue streams flows back into the WGO market. Moreover, we are going to use the 50% retained MRT from mining operations for the buy back program too.”

Numbers & Figures Buyback & Burn November 2018

Size of Buyback: 465.47 WAVES

WGO purchased & burned: 62553.8 WGO

Average price: 0.0074

Burn TX:

You can find the total supply here:

The next Buyback & Burn is going to take place in the beginning of January 2019

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