No matter if you’re running solo or with cofounders, or even as a serial entrepreneur, starting up a business often seems like (and actually is!) fighting an uphill battle to the end of time, where everything you’ve got seems not enough, and everything you don’t seems to be exactly what you want.

Yes, I’m talking about capital — the hard cold cash separating you and your dreamland. But there’s also human beings—these intelligent creatures can either help or ruin depending on how you deal with them. In the world of business, we give them different names like “customers”, “team”, “shareholders”, etc..

As there are already tons of well-thought, well-written wisdoms around, what I’ll be talking about in the coming series, would mainly focus on “early stage” startups, and how I, an entrepreneur myself, feel and have learned from my own trail along the process.

So let’s get started!



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