We tend to forget this concept, especially when starting something new. It seems everyone is after a quick fix to their problems. We start dramatically changing our life, hoping it will have an immediate effect and then become disenfranchised with the result after a week because the change we desired hasn’t occurred.

It doesn’t help that we are constantly bombarded with messages in the media of easy, quick solutions to our problems. We are told that all you need is 30 days to double your income, lose 10kg, triple your sales leads. These messages are designed to take your money and sell you on the “quick fix.” We believe it because we want to believe it is quick and easy to obtain what we are after.

The far less marketable way to create change is to make incremental, manageable improvements to our lives that we can maintain until it becomes second nature.

That is, deciding on a change and then consistently executing the incremental improvement repeatedly. Being consistent allows you to establish a base-line and means you can refine your approach, make tweaks, adjust your direction. From this base-line it is easier to identify what needs to be improved upon, as opposed to wildly changing up the approach.

As a barista when teaching staff how to use the coffee machine, I stress that consistency is one of the key factors to producing a great tasting coffee. Consistency leads to expected results. Whether the results are good or not is another story. However, by being consistent and tweaking the execution, better results will occur, and occur more often.

The concept of consistency can apply to all areas of life. Consistency may lead to complacency; however this can be negated by consistently performing a task in addition to consistently identifying ways to improve it.

Consistency matters. Period. Full stop. No questions asked.

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