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In this episode of The Danny Morel Show, Danny talks with world-class entrepreneur, Ed Mylett, Agency Chairman for the World Financial Group. During the course of their discussion, Ed reveals the meaning of wealth and how to overcome the mental limitations that keep people from increasing their wealth. The episode concludes with an overview of Ed’s presentation at Danny’s July 2018 Relentless seminar.

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Tactics + Takeaways

  • What does wealth mean to you?
  • Overcoming mental limitations
  • Ed Mylett and Relentless

Tweetable Quotes

I was obsessed with looking wealthy, not being rich.

It’s in my DNA to save money.

The Scripture tells us to owe no man nothing.

Have some friends who don’t accept you as you are.

The way I know to shift my humanity is to associate with other humans.

Your identity is the thermostat for your life.

For me and my family, I’m going to buy a house by the age of 21.

It’s not good enough to say you think the right things. You need to say and express it.

You want to do something for your self-esteem? Start doing things no freaking crazy person would ever do.

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