Alexander R. Probert

Today is a bittersweet mix of emotion because on one hand something went extremely well and on the other something didn’t go according to plan.

One of my previous revenue streams was to buy and resell things off Facebook market that I could flip around for profit. Last night I finally flipped the Ps4 I acquired last summer for a 200% margin.

The issue of today so far has been my denial from Upwork yet again. I’m going to spend a decent amount of time today rehashing my profile so that they can’t have a reason to reject it. This failure was mostly self-inflicted due to lack of effort filling out my Upwork profile and portfolio.

I have a few events today with friends watching some college football later tonight. My plan for today is to work on some homework, fix my Upwork account and resubmit it, then scour Facebook market for flippable items on a smaller scale so my turnover is faster rather than long term like before. I am thinking about some items around $100 or less. This price range is almost an impulse buy price so people will be more motivated to buy.

Stock Trading: $0.00 — (Weekend so no trading)

UpWork: $0.00

Medium $0.00

Mobius Marketing: $0.00

Facebook Market: $335.00

YouTube: $0.00

Total: $335.00

Expenses: $15.00

Made: $320.00

Tomorrow I start my full football schedule again, so free time is going to be limited.

After practice is done, I have some homework to get to so that will take a majority of the evening. I looked into Upwork’s tips for profile creation and I have a lot of work to do to make myself eligible for work on there platform.

I was rejected yet again so I am changing my strategy.

I believe if I can get into that system, I can make an extra $100 a week (That would cover my monthly rent). The challenge is showing my value to clients on their platform. I am hoping for some good news on that tomorrow.

Day 1

My name is Alex Probert and I am on a mission to increase my daily income through various streams of revenue with the goal of creating consistent passive income every day.

My goal in sharing my journey here is to inspire others and show what it takes to create a side income by devoting free time to self-betterment and investment.

My past experience includes consulting with small businesses through my Company Mobius Marketing, managing project budgets of over $5 million, coaching peers in stock market investments, and working face to face with consumers in the retail market.



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