One stupidly small step at a time

A year of frustratingly small actions …

This year has been very different for me. I hit a wall at Treehouse in 2016 and realized that just because we have a Mission that makes the world better, doesn’t mean we would succeed. Just because I was doing something good doesn’t mean it was destined to succeed.

A flip switched inside me.

I, as the CEO, needed to get right down in the dirt and start getting Treehouse on people’s radar. I needed to sell our product. I needed to start getting a ton of “No” so I could get to a “Yes”. I suddenly realized that this theoretical “massive awareness” of our school wasn’t going to happen quickly. It would be a slow, grinding marathon: one email, one Tweet, one conversation, one click, one smile, one extra burst of activity, one flight, one meeting at a time. I was going to need to do thousands of small tasks, not one large strategic task.

I needed to stop having deep thoughts and just start doing.

So I started in December 2016 — getting up at 4:30am and just working my ass off. One rule: put my family first. Everything else would serve this daily commitment to small consistent disciplined actions.

Today I had a sales meeting that felt like the culmination of all my sweat, toil and pain this year. I didn’t even close the deal (yet 😸). I just sold the next meeting. I know one of those meetings will convert though, and I’m just going to keep going until it happens.

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One small note: Doing these daily grinding tasks has not gotten any easier. I still don’t want to do them.

Yes, I’m pointing at the camera 🙂

Hi, I’m Ryan, the Founder of Treehouse 👋😃

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