Today was a somewhat throw back day. I spent a reasonable amount of today with colleagues at the office playing old songs and recounting old movies. This was just the perfect day for the throw back.

I moved a step further with Content Wireframing. I actually made a content wireframe for an organization I’m building their platform for and for some reason, they only had very little correction to make to it. Bear in mind they just told me what they wanted and I initially had to break them down into feature request to get a better idea of what I would be working on.

I’m already putting my learning exercise to work. Content Wireframing process is super exciting, I must admit. I also had to opportunity to make a landing page (not so fine one 🙈) and redid the Day 1 mockups. I’m on the homepage, but decided to make this writeup before finishing it.

The landing page
sign up

It has been an exciting journey.

You could still join us if you want. We haven’t gone very far and we are always supporting each other, plus we just started the UI track now.

The link to join us. Spread the word…


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