Well Day 1’s message would kind of be null and void if I weren’t here again today, now wouldn’t it?

It’s 7 pm and I’ve been awake since 2:30… am. As tired as I am from a long day of work, side projects, and online courses paired with very little sleep from the night before, I’m here. I showed up today.

Do I have anything particular to write about? No. Do I have energy to do my best and create a perfect piece of content? No. But sometimes, that’s the hardest part. Showing up, regardless of how you feel, and giving it your best shot.

Effort. It’s kind of a funny thing. Sometimes, people think highly of themselves by proving they didn’t put effort in; proving somehow that things just come naturally to them.

For example, when grade rankings were coming out in high school, I had multiple friends (probably including myself) that said “sure, I may have just made the cutoff for top 10% of our class, but I could’ve easily been in the top 5% if I actually put in any effort.”

Okay wait. Why do we think that’s better? Why do we think grades are all about natural intellect? Grades are a combination of your intellect, knowledge, and effort.

We can’t just write to the college in our personal statement saying “trust me I’m really smart, I just didn’t care, so you should let me in- thanks.”

I don’t think the board would be too understanding. Colleges want students who care- who will put effort into their grades, their community, their sports organizations.

Jobs want employees who care- who will go above and beyond, will help out where needed, who will put effort into every sales pitch or project.

Relationships need 2 people who care- who will put effort into each other and the things they do together.

Clearly, effort is important and valued. People aren’t ‘cool’ because they didn’t try. People are cool when they give it a shot. How can you aim to be successful if you aren’t even getting off the starting line?

Effort is a reflection of interest. And people generally thrive in things they are interested in.

I guess my writing topic for today came organically from this. No matter how you feel- get up, show up, and try- if only for a minute. The hardest part is getting there.



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