Stephanie Sun

Meesho defines itself and its goals as a way of allowing others to build themselves as entrepreneurs and also to build relationships with others. Meesho aims to develop this theme of empowerment in many different ways. The company has collected stories of its users in a monthly newsletter called “We Hear You.” It has also started the Meesho Business Academy, a foundation that provides MBA for Resellers, in order for its employees and users to develop as entrepreneurs. Meesho also organized India’s largest women entrepreneur community event, Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit< in order to foster a culture of inclusivity and empowerment

Meesho also aims to foster collaboration as a key component of how employees should work together. Collaboration is regarded as the key to creating a community in Meesho. The company highlights cases in which its employees would go above and beyond their roles to help others with their tasks and work together to reach their goals.

One of the downsides of Meesho’s focus on developing its culture is that it might spread resources towards programs like the Meesho Business Academy that do not directly help the company with any of its current profit goals.



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