There’s a pattern that’s all too common in employee wellness — you launch this rock solid product, spend a lot of cash and effort attracting employees to engage, but then fall down at the crucial point of helping your employees actually find value.

Getting your team to discover that value of employee wellness from day one is what great benefits programs are all about, but so many of us struggle when launching a new wellness initiative.

The result of falling into this? Poor engagement. If you don’t help your employees see value quickly, remove friction points and make it easy to use, this is nothing short of poisonous — it will slowly, but reliably, kill your companies wellness program.

LEON’s mission is to make employee wellness simple, trackable and scalable for any size company and any type of employee.

📣 Introducing: Dollar for dollar matching, and the LEON Slack integration.

Over the past year, our team has been investing heavily in our product to ensure a more user friendly experience, but more importantly we focused on removing all the pain points of traditional employee wellness.

And thanks to your feedback, we have built out two amazing features that we feel not only makes your life easier as a stakeholder in employee wellness, but also drives team building and employee engagement across the board. 🎉

💸 Dollar for dollar employer matching

In what we believe is a first in the employee wellness space, employers now have the ability to reward team members for working out on a monthly basis.

Employers can now set up dollar for dollar matching with monthly caps of either $25, $50, $150 or an unlimited option for you hard charging companies out there. 😉

Simply put, for every dollar your employee spends, we charge you one dollar up to a specified amount. Simple, easy and trackable!

🚀 Slack integration

LEON is a leader in making employee wellness simple and easy, with best-in-class in-app access to engage your employees in wellness any way they see fit. Today, we’re launching LEON + Slack to help you take your employee wellness program to the next level.

We’ve made it easy for your employees to engage in wellness with one click of a button, without ever leaving the comfort of your companies Slack channel!

The LEON + Slack integration is a deceptively straightforward solution.

  1. It enable your employees to not only engage in wellness themselves, but it allows team members to join in wellness together.
  2. It provides a great communication tool that drives wellness where they live everyday, in Slack!
  3. And let’s be honest here, employee wellness has never been this easy!

We’ve built LEON to be an antidote for the poison of low wellness engagement. Now it’s easy to provide a wellness benefit that is inclusive to any employee, in any city and any size company.

We think these new features will be a huge step forward for so many teams who struggle to provide a wellness benefit that actually moves the needle in driving health in your organization.

See for yourself how easy it is to get started and introduce to your team.



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