You can try to game the system and you’ll succeed….. in fooling the losers. But the winners tho…… the people who’re murderers.. who’re straight up killing it in the industry they see right through ur BS. So you’ll end up losing long term..

Take all these Instagram ‘consultants’ w their bs ‘grow ur insta’ affiliate link for example.

Losers see a page w shallow quotes a ton of followers and think hey, I should do business w this person / buy products from this person etc. Winners see those lame quotes and see that they’re flawed, or that the person has never executed on any of those philosophies.. they also see the shit ton of followers and the virtually zero engagement. 150K followers w 70 likes and 5 spammy comments..

And they see that that page is constantly liking the max amount of pics (8) the entire day (=bot/paid likes). And they’ve immediately lost all credibility.

Long story short.. don’t game the system. Instead:

Before success: Drill the fundamentals. After success: Drill the fundamentals.